POCKETTREE POPUP SHOP @ The Trophy Room Surry Hills

Pockettree seasonal cards on recycled or white stock .... I have others saying a variety of ditties:

'Mmmmm christmas pudding and brandy kisses enjoy!'

'Christmas cheer & hip hip for the new year!'
'Happy holidays & sparky firecrackers for the new year!'

Happy Christmas everyone, I start a Trophy Room Gallery residency this Tue 14th Dec for 3mths. In the 10 days leading up to Christmas I will be using the space as a popup shop showing off my pockettree wares, whilst my art project gains in momentum. [Trophy Room 545-549 South Dowling Street, Surry Hills

Come, visit and get some chrissy goodies, local and sustainable! I will be showing off my bespoke wares, XMAS cards, my etsy cards + postcards, original art prints, '2 in 1' Tshirts, ROMAN Tshirts, infant singlets and Objects d'Art.

TSHIRTS/ JACKETS WANTED: I will refashion them into a bespoke sustainable '2 in 1' Tshirt for you or for a gift, so don't throw out a fav with a pen mark or splash of coffee, bring them down donations also welcome.

[Jackets are for the Boris, bags with big personalities project.]