My popup shop is the door on the right side of the main entrance shown here, nice kacky green building on corner of Phelps and Sth Dowling Surry Hills.

Pockettree popup shop news. It's open. 10-1 & 3-6pm Mon-Fri til 24th Dec and I think it will stay on during my residency due to it's sucess. You will see action stations: sewing & printing. The pile of preloved tshirts is growing as is are my bespoke '2 in 1' sustainable tshirts.

I have made bunting from a rescued blue and white umbrella for the front of the shop with the fluro orange pockettree logo on the desk in the above image. I am building a showcase wall using recycled styrofoam boxes from the Trophy Room's veggie boxes they are taking over the storage room ..... why does food still get delivered in this toxic 1950's material?