'2 in 1' Sustainable Tshirts

Above: (Left to right) '2 in 1', Batwing banana hammock design, '2 in 1', Roman tee

One of my projects whilst on my Trophy Room residency Dec 14 2010- March 4 2011 will be the '2 in 1' Sustianable Tshirts. I have been refashioning bespoke Tshirts using several tshirts with faults, marks etc into a new Tshirt and I am opening up the doors for requests. Please don't throw out a fav with a pen mark or splash of coffee, bring it down and request your '2 in 1' Sustainable Tshirt to be made by pocketree.

Tshirt donations are also welcome.

[Jackets are for the Boris, bags with big personalities project.]