'2 in 1' Sustainable Tshirts

Sweet Pastel Casino T
1x pastel purple XL from Red Cross ( I love they are promoting the Reduce Reuse Recycle concept);
1x offcuts from Ms Cmacs pastel fluro green beach tee 09 never made it out in public as a whole tshirt;
1x offcuts from Ms Rings bright blue beach tee 09 which was never intended to be worn as bought it got refashioned into a pockettree casino tee (must have ink bling!)

Above: Sweet Teen T detail on back shoulder, call it a fabric tat!

Hearts T
1x Phuket tourist T
1x Jack & Jones hard yacka style T
1x Threadless Type Tees 'Video games ruined my life....'

Above: Hearts T detail on back shoulder, .... ok there is a theme yes another fabric tat!

Ms Alana
1x forest green hussy top (de-beaded the plunging neckline feature);
offcuts grey fluro trashy street tshirt (the same offcut featured on my banana hammock/ inbuilt Africana beadazzled batwinged design)
1x dark grey T offcut