Willkommen zu Berlin

It is amidst the summery 30 degree unseasonably hot weather and Berlin air show that we arrive, our plane has been delayed a further hour because of the high speed fighter showoff jet planes, the delay turned out to be worth it not that its my kind of thing but what a welcome! We owed and ahhhed at them breaking the sound barrier and cutting the engines and maintain the same height for several kilometers and doing the topgun upside down trick....

So ja, we are currently in Berlin setting up shop for a while. Words mesmerise and German makes me giggle, i have started to learn the mother tongue in my own style, cut n paste, where is the knack for it..... I'm hunting.

Oops seems I instinctivly hunted down unloved gloves faster than my next German lesson, I found eine glove...and then unearthed another and left with a whole bag full. How appropriate to find my first Berlin glove whilst visiting an abandoned site now known as the skulpturen park whilst spending an afternoon looking at the Berlin Biennial, a rather strange sample of works with the KW Institute a highlight and a particularly odd video work about a woman who married the Berlin Wall it was....a piss take right!