Our new studio called Frohsinnberg Projekt

So we (Kyla, Cara and On Yau) have been busy setting up our new have a flat in Berlin, in the East coolie area Prenzlauerberg. We have been busy finalising the 'sublet' which took just under a month and since the 1st of July we now, somehow have a massive flat to call our home, studio and more space for others to join us, here in the Frohsinnberg projekt.

After chilling out on the streets near the kanal in Kreuzberg watching all the locals and others ride and walk past us sitting perched on top of our luggage, we gave vague directions with some hand waves and broken English German. The we meet a friend of a friend and early this night at 2am over welcome drinks and energetic banter with a our new friend whilst we slogged back ouzo and sipped on tea came along the old German word Frohsinn.

Frohsinn means warm hearted, gleefully ah hearing the word and the meaning triggered my wide smile, rather a faux ami don't you think, sounds like frozen and means quite the opposite. So this word brings me closer to the 'communication project' that I have been thinking of for years and now whilst setting up a small cluster of artist studios this project comes closer to life.