WOW what a buzz

WOW well we had heard the music scene was beating before the pulse and we have now experienced it, thanks to Nuts and Seeds, they put on a fantastic gig several weeks ago where we saw men in hot pink spandex with trashy rock wigs screaming like Aussie talent 'Muscles' but with more synth and adlib fitish dance/mediation mini crowd interactive plots throughout the cleckhuddersfax set.

..... but last night the racing hearts and limbs twitched to a San Fran band Thee Ohsees kinda 60's... surf punk ...alittle B52's ish with a singer that was KB's doppelganger and also local band Fox Face ....they started with the sweetest scottish harmonies doing a folk cover....Black is the colour (of my true loves hair) and up popped one of our new friends wearing a fox mask made weeks before by another friend for a performance.... all great vibes for twisting the night away.

Ahh foxes never respected by the farmers and people with small pets, but boy are they cute we saw a local foxey slipping through dusk in one of our local parks named after a guy called Maxwell, ms/mr fox was hot on the sent of something tastey never thought inner glasgow would be a nature haven, i was also trying to capture the tiny bats that darted above the lake nibbling midges......huh someone said they were fruit bats and i was being my sparkey but relaxed open to suggestions not gullible self thought hmmm not like home.