TINA Festival

I am representing the Rizzeria collective off on an adventure with Leigh Riggozi who's transporting the mighty risograph machine up to Newcastle's TINA festival (taking part in the Young Writer's Festival) on the October long weekend, I am running the Saturday workshop and helping anyone print a zine or the likes on the day.

Above: (Left) Opposites attract, train trip in Italy, 2009 & (Right) Here I am, train sketching on way to Newie 2010.

After note: How odd I didn't make the connection when I scrunged these two sketches to print in a demo workshop, but train travel is great for sketching!

So I am back from the festival it was really lovely to meet and talk with so many talented creative people, ah sad news about the risograph machine it died half way through the festival so here is a half print that it made based on my train commute sketches.
Oh what is with the ink cartridges in the top corner of the photo? Well it has been along time since I had a good printer at home and this one has EIGHT cartridges wow.