the dead letters office

Oh wow I must go to a dead letters offices? Do they still exist? This article states there were 3 remaining US Dead Letters Offices in July 2000. A place of mass hoarded miscommunication - all my themes are coming together. I am also into the people who work as parcel investigators (my own label for now not sure of real title) who open RTS mail to hopefully find clues or the address on slips of paper inside, to assist in the next mail redirection hoping that it is the final voyage.

Above: C/o wiki, Dead letter office, probably in Washington, D.C.; September 1922

There is an Australian film with the same name 'Dead Letter Office' 1998 with Miranda and Bary Otto .... I don't think I've seen it. Look at all car tyres
people posted back in 1922, in 2000 guns, drugs, peoples remains and many love letters are named - today I guess Ipods, more love letters huh what about when a region gets impacted by natural disasters. What happens do they have a list of redirections? That's a lot of undeliverable mail, ah the Return to sender Chain Mail trail.