Vandalism and rain cleansing the project*

Well well well, finally some vandalism! Yes it's highly likely to get your art vandalised when installing an ongoing public art sculpture when it's at street level with no guard dogs no eyes watching after the creative types and underbelly team go home. So the arty cluster of used envelopes on no.38 and no.40 were cleansed last night firstly by the rain which had been falling consistently for 24hrs which made it look flat then secondly sometime after 7pm a vandal cleaned it all away. Swift. Neat. Cleansed.

Above: some play shall i skirt the whole street with letters, photo is not related to the vandalism blog entry above a photo of that would be a photo of a clean no.38 door with only the delicate chain link remaining covered in envelope, please use imagination if need be.
Oh how sweet the perfect circle comes together tonight during a lab tour we meet the last resident of no.38 she lived there for 20 years thanks Michael who hooked us up after being enticed to look closer at Cara's poster diary, beautifully maintained with sketches and all. So we were having a lovely chat and I then realised I knew her name I found letters addressed to the same lovely woman who stood before me I say oh is your name ___, yes, wow I have mail for you. Most of the real mail to her got vandalised last night but one letter remains from Gleebooks Glebebooks I can fwd it if you like please let me know.
Oh better still no.36 was home to a hoarder, maybe it is still intact filled to the rafters? I will inspect the facade tomorrow maybe my work can also make its way there from no.46 after all you know hoarding is my theme right now.

Above: Colour coding used envelopes with paint work, by accident I swear but nice!

Above: Some more play! I like the digital processing marks on letters these days, not as wholesome as stamps or ink.