Oh look a hoarded terrace how perfect.

Oh look a hoarded terrace how perfect. No.46 has a hoarded fence with chicken wire, I actually woke up thinking I need chicken wire and here it is pre-installed on a hoarded fence - thank you thank you thank you. The hoarding is pretty standard only reaching up to the top of the ground floor leaving the lovely balcony with little sapplings and ferns growing from the gutters and nooks to keep weathering away in the elements whilst the developers push paper tick boxes and allow artists to create for the time being.
I hope that it may be intact after the nights end. To increase the stakes I have started installing at top and bottom of the hoarding, I am to create the outline of an envelope. It says so many things and reinforced after and emotional talk to the previous resident of the street.

Imagine this type of mail waiting for you. It's printed on a cold bleached piece of paper it waits in your letterbox.
The whole street was issued with these letters, eviction notices. How awful surely someone should talk to you in person about this news.