Your truth is my fiction, Room 3

The last space in our exhibition shows my Fortune Mountain hanging from the central beam of the apartment, dividing the main living/ studio 2 spaces. For this sculptural installation, I created fack fortune strips of paper so people could write their own fortunes, after tasting the ones bought here in Berlin, which have German on one side and the English translation on the other, a nice surprise for the work and for our entertainment it seems those crazy translations from Chinese to German as just as odd as those in English.

Above: Kyla Ring, Fortune Mountain, 2008. Felt from recycled mattresses, string, paper, Chinese fortune cookies, Ikea pencils and wooden table. Dimensions variable (approx 225 x 90 x 100)

Above: Fortunes shown above, small slips are those fortunes from the Chinese fortune cookies installed with the work and the hand written larger fortunes were found placed inside the work, Fortune Mountain, written by voluntary participants at the exhibition,