Your truth is my fiction

Your truth is my fiction, is a duo exhibition of Kyla Ring and Cara MacLeod, we are showing drawings and sculptures from 2008. We are pleased to present our work at the frohsinnbergprojekt studios, where we have worked and co-directed since July 2008. We are including works from our two month artist residency at Le 100 Atelier en Commun, in Paris earlier this year and pieces created more recently in Berlin.
Opening Friday 21 November 2008, 7-10pm/
Eroffnung Freitag 21 November 2008, 19-22 Uhr
Saturday 22 November 12-6pm / Samstag 22 November 12 - 18 Uhr
or by appointment until 27 November.
Our finnisage and a groupshow for frohsinnbergprojekt studios will happen on the evening of Wednesday 26 November- more details to be announced soon.
Chodowieckistrasse 35
Front house/ top floor 10405 Berlin
A few words about the artists and their work:
Kyla's work reflects on the every day situations we encounter and the way miscommunications create different truths and realities for different people. She finds innovative ways to use ephemera and recycle materials; in this exhibition she is showing a new sculpture from the Miscommuniques series titled Mind Shaft and related works on paper.
Cara Machas created a series drawings and collages of fictional mountain landscapes. Visual elements are sampled, transposed and layered from sources including retro photographic resource books, landscape painting history and fictional narratives from art house films and popular literature- the pop that lifts our spirits- not sublime, but almost.
We look forward to seeing you and your friends at the opening!

Brainfreeze, drawing collaboration Kyla Ring & Cara Macleod 2008.