wall series

I was playing with the idea of a nono tent in Paris, a temporary place built for all the crazy adult miscommunication and frustrations around us in the atelier....so the nono made me laugh. Now I have found fabric like the reb,blue,white $2 shop storage bags and started building walls for us to partition spaces at frohsinnberg.

I have also started a wall using my old friend the cardboard box. I really love the quality of recycled card and so up goes a hanging wall. I have played with tea bags, string and blinds in the space and now alittle extra encouragement from a meeting with a sculpture who is interested in the space and spoke of building walls to keep her dust in, oh fantastic it's the perfect opportunity for me to create another cardboard sculpture....the keyhole view is side on through the layers of cardboard. My work has been looking at voids as a representation of ways to move from dark to light emotionally and the way temporary structures are relied upon to hold up old wonky walls and the differences v's new construction site scaffolding.