a screw loose or screw loose mentality.

a screw loose

side arm A NEW PALETTE power cord easy off need to make a use of the light later when i
have freed the power cord and source. screws long short chunky. little
little screws lost in the mechanical inside. metal plate 1/4 - 1.

A to K dial. plastic cover for motor. THIS IS NOT A MACHINE MADE TODAY I AM
STILL DISMANTLING THE VICTORIA Detmold.sssssssprings hold arms unscrewed and
useless, they don't spring now they flop. i see characters, with square splint like limbs and spiral tails.

pistens minature for the needle, clunk screw taken out. release more mechanisms. how many parts can i make work seperately. hunting. flipping the machine right left upside down. backwards to go forwards. screws to unscrew. release fan belt. no. undo motor cover first. it could be a shelter. another plate looks like a ramp for a Bauhaus villa.

the machine may now be considered useless. to some it was deemed useless due to one screw and maybe a washer coming loose. what a screw loose mentality. here is my response installation.