'we are being together while not being together'

A txt wishing you luck or sending you hugs feels good. It's not a real hug but in our virtual mindset it's pretty real you feel the love right!
But too much of this is not good, it's a false connection. It makes some prefer their iPhones to catchups in person.
'we are being together while not being together' sitting there at cafe with friends or in meetings lectures on our social network pages txting, chatting, on messenger, email in our photo libraries in app world.
we are removed from the present
we are editing, deleting our responses, recreating who we are.
but its the pauses, the subconscious elements like the body language, the glitches the twitches, the warmth the real flow or lack of flow that allows face to face conversation the ability to expose us and create connections.
A sequence of txts that end with a final txt saying can we talk!
The nature of txting creates disconnection. When you are txting in company of others you are momentarily not present you are removing yourself perhaps as a coping mechanism or from boredom, to fit everything in or simply because you react to the chime - this makes us feel something- connected, loved etc.
This theme was discussed in Miranda July's 2011 film, The Future. Where the main characters digitally disconnect to see how and who they really are. Shall we all try?
..... yes I sleep with my phone, what is that? The landline was perfectly ok attached to the wall in the hallway! but back then we hugged, we had the attention of friends when we meet up now we have this via our probably not so -smart for us phones.
If we can be comfortable with our own solitary space the feelings of loneliness go away........