feeling still - heart brain relationship

swaying, motion of the ferry
is in my head,

island departure is on hold this morning after 6 days straight,
i wait to see if i can feel still.

outside is also swaying,
winds are at a high this morning.
a friend says low blood pressure,
i say iron and b12 imbalance,
it's all connected....

interconnected -
the body works as a team the organs are interconnected

i'm listening to a podcast  Discovery: The Heart Has its Reason

case studies of heart transplants

memory transference -
'a few months after a transplant the person started feeling that feb 17 was an important date, it turns out the donors birthday was that day'.

heart brain relationship -
intuition is far more superior than intellect - it drives the brain!
intellect is blind,
the brain is a fantastic faculty for removing the inconsistences about how we see reality
(Dr. J Lakarnie draws from medical, Hindu and Aruveydic philosophies)

in the walls I have been drawing for Underbelly 2011, show time.

cardiac coherence (electricial impulses)
in a negative state -
breathing is eratic the frontal part of brain closes down - stage fright/ blank in exams

in a calm state -
breathing is rythmic, this rhythm of breath transfers the rhythm to heart
here the mind has coherence

the head rationalises what we do,
the heart makes what we do