Cohering, not cohearing: going through the motions, drawing installation - Underbelly Arts

Above: 'cohering, not cohearing: going through the motions', installed air raid shelter 106.

A 10m site specific drawing as installed during the lab at time of drawing. Due to 24hrs of rain leading up to festival day the water damaged wall prevented heritage listed safe installation methods and the work was installed inside at the interactive drawing session next to room 144.

Below: 'cohering, not cohearing: going through the motions' detailed sections.

Above: Video projection of 'cohering, not cohearing: going through the motions' - shown on the sandstone wall creates a new reading of my work, it seems like I'm drawing the wall into existence.

Above: 2.9m braille, site specific drawing at the Stores Tunnel Entrance.
Below: 2.9m braille, documented and closeups.

Above: 2.9m braille, site specific drawing, closeups.

Above: Underbelly Festival: Cohering, not cohearing - 1-4pm interactive drawing session open to participation.
My drawing 3:41-5:10 10minute drawing series, is shown above and below i provided rolls of paper for people to feel the wall and draw in response to my drawing.

Below:  3:41-5:10 10minute drawing series, detailed sections.

Above: '3:41-5:10 Time is not linear', 10 minute drawing series installed during lab, sadly wet walls prevented festival day installation, these works are shown above and below in the interative drawing session.

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Above: People participating at the Underbelly Festival: Cohering, not cohearing interactive drawing session.

Over 3 hours people drew on 20m of paper. The guidelines were to draw what you feel and or a response to my drawing hung above, using lines and dots.

My drawing '3:36 to 5.10 time is not linear' is a series of site specific drawings of air raid shelter 34's surface creating a braille like drawing shown above the brown paper. It can be interpreted as a time line, the horizontal cross section of the buildings life and aging process.

The commute to the island is a pleasure the routine and journey out in the harbour the motion sickness the calm of slight isolation.

Each day for 2 weeks I would come to the island and draw during the lab. I had a very particular availability after work each day do the times over lap as do ones thoughts whilst drawing to the sound of seagulls and wind.

So many people happy with the invitation to participate and draw, some drew the first thing many non-drawers draw when given a pencil, hearts, smiles, graffiti style words this is when I couldn't chat to the participants about the concept before they drew. Others were intuitive and tried drawing a response dialogue to my original drawing on white paper above the brown.