on my installation 'Blind site' in my show Ombres and double entendres

i'm writting about place and fog, which conceals place and i think about my work Blind site.
you walk in the fog
you see only a foot ahead of you
it feels fine
you are content
in your fog

i installed the blinds in a grid
two sides if you like from the entrance point in centre of the room.
two sides one for each eye if you align yourself slowly before you enter the installation
if you were not meshed as one your two halves could separate into the void.
Left & Right
you stay as one
you go in one step after the other

the colour is a monotone,
band of blinds after blinds you pass through
it's the same sensation as the plane after 15mins of flight,
the fog has a hum its nice to be immersed
it's like those smells that make you feel safe.
bound to places in time.