Layers of moments print session

A continuation from the drawing layers of moments, playing around with seperating the layers and printing them at the Rizzeria.

I like the creases in the news print, there's something in them:
lines of movement,
plain old textural goodness.

Layers of moments print session from 10:10:00 to 10:10:04.

Need to get tone into the equation, this print session was fast snuck in after work and before play on a Saturday. Need flat colour not pencil texture, sharpie btr. The contrast on
scraffitto layer needs to be bumped up not quite right anyway (10:10:01). Re-training my linear style. Today the purple ink drum was unhappy note the green is not a good option!

Thoughts on movement:
two projectors/ projections to recreate the flickering of the shadows - i can see interactivity with people choosing the layers layering or taking the layers off a projector or two projectors like a conversation in improv music.