cohabiter fr. - to cohabit en.

miscommunicae note: cohabiter (fr.) = cohabit (en.)

oh wow i thought the french word cohabiter meant to live with anyone like flatmates, as i was double checking my french spelling this morning about to use the word in relation to my flatmate, I sought out the definitions below:

"to cohabit {vb}
... about same-sex couples; a growing number of men and women choose not to marry and prefer to cohabit but without losing all their rights."
"cohabiter {vb}
... de même sexe; un nombre croissant d'hommes et de femmes choisissent de ne pas se marier et préfère cohabiter mais sans pour autant perdre leurs droits.

and what is the meaning here "......about same-sex couples;"? Is the word cohabit associated more with one type of couple over another ..... same-sex? I guess history may have created a same-sex bias to the word I mean you can't stop love and relationships will always ultimately end up bunkering down under the same roof with or without marriage ..... and there you have it if the law doesn't permit some to marry then they will cohabit!

Best aspect of this definition "not to losing their rights"! It's inclusive it's going beyond the dark phase of history where a women was essentially sold off through the act of marriage becoming the property of the groom, to cohabit is equal for both sides of the union.

The Latin defintion gives me hope and maybe I can keep using the word in a plutonic sense of dwelling: "ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Latin cohabitare, from co- ‘together’ + habitare ‘dwell.’