Time for more public art from me @ the Underbelly Arts Public Lab & Festival July 8-17! I will be exhibiting as part of the 'Filling in the cracks' project thanks to the Reef Knot folk.

Just inspecting the site before the making begins. Where to install, there are so many cracks many types which I have exhibited in before for other festivals like nooks in cement steps, crinkled rusty gaping drain pipes etc. But for me filling in cracks ties directly into my last project on hoarding and I had indeed dreamed of using this street for that project so lets see wher I get to.

Hoarders are a type or metaphorical crack in society, materials are used to fill in their lives and areas of inhabitance in a larger way. What is left may be the cracks so I am trying to fill the negative space and leave the cracks. I am thinking in terms of the inverse of a crack, well i am trying to anyway!
What an amazing site to have for an arts festival in Sydney!