Testing out sites. Playing with materials.

No 26. great negative space have been left where the paint has been taken off when someone removed the wooden suports.

I have played by tracing theses negative spaces onto take away menus one type of junk mail that never stops coming.

No 40. inset door panel spaces, Red, yellow, brownie black colour scheme (respect to Indigenous Australians), nice letter mail box flap.

Playing with envelopes - text "DEGADADEGADA ...... ching" mimics the sound of a typewriter. I am thinkign about the noises that used to be here in these properties, in the brewery which these people looked onto day in day out.

Right at the top an old neighbour hood watch sign has long since crumbled - I have filled the space with a map of the area a local council mailout for changes to the bus network last year sometime.

Two concepts are coming along here:
1.substituting features (signs, door bells etc..) with my art in a subliminal manor.
2. building on top of the facades concealing the bars and rotting wood with the old correspondence that continues to get mailed to these condemned properties.