Hoarding Project Sameness

A house taken over by the hoarding of it's occupants, stuff spewing from the doors built up over windows filling up driveways. I am looking for a book called "Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things" but it is on order, awaiting to be printed until next month, now a website says 2011. Well the very concept owning a book about Stuff is contradictory, this book should only for loan only. We all have STUFF in our lives, who needs more of it?

Some of us let stuff go naturaly, others have permanent storage units, to house old possessions as if the preservation keeps the memory alive. I have read that for some hoarders the stuff they build around themselves can be apart of their identity and that's why they can't bare for it to be thrown out, given away etc. I continued to read that one hoarder felt loss over possessions friends threw out without her permission 9 years after the attempted goodwill tidy up.

It costs money for councils to clean up the hoarded material which accumulates externally having impacts on community health and safety & property depreciation. I wonder what has been done to assist the cause for the hoarding? The person who finds safety and protection from amassing stuff, rubbish, anything and everything - becomes a problem when the stuff takes over the normal function of the room and the life of the person hoarding. I read that one person couldn't be seen taking out rubbish so if they didn't stay awake till the time say 3am when the chance of being seen by someone was pretty slim then the rubbish bag would pile up.

I had to reduce the boxes i was building in my studio and now I am left with a nice set of boxes all exactly the same with plastic suitcase-like handles. This sameness is not right! The eye is at ease with the repetition, simple lines.