Hoarding, at the Open Fields Opening @ Serial Space Chippendale

Hoarding as installed at Serial Space Gallery in Chippendale for the Open Fields conference at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), 28-30 April 2010.

This installation is a work in progress.

I found the topic more and more intriguing and for now I have created posters as a large part of the installation. I postered over a real on-site pile of hoarded materials and the paired posters "Private ....." and "Property" are shown the first on the inside of the bathroom and the later on the outside window of the bathroom is symbolic of my intention to hoard piles of newspapers inside the bathroom to create an undulating floor (which is believed by the Viennese architect Hundertwasser to be nicer to the human foot for comfort, rather than flat 90 degree angle world we live in) kind of nice or novel to walk on but which is ultimatly an invasive installation to be experienced by anyone who used the bathroom on a totally private experience.

I wanted to mould newspaper over the wash basin and chair and have piles around the base of the toilet and doors as the most direct re-creation of the feeling to live surrounded by 'stuff' - unfortunatly this small bathroom is also an open European no curtain type shower room also and perhaps not the best for the occupants.

So in the future when I create this version of the installation and
document the reactions, experiences and feelings to the installation. The actual installation was received really well and many dialogues were had on the topic see you next time for the next incarnation of my work.