Decisions Group Show ESP Gallery Marrickville

Clockwise: Unknown artist & work, Mark Wotherspoon title unknown, Cara MacLeod Falling 2009 and Mind Shaft (Two), Kyla Ring 2009.

I am happy to be recreating my 'Mind Shaft' an interactive sculpture for the group show 'Decisions' at ESP Gallery in Marrickville. The original work happens to have been made from an old ikea shelf - I only know this know after not being able to fluke finding the same reclaimed street furniture parts here in Sydney.

So 'Mind Shaft (Two)' was built from new Ikea DIY parts. If the work isn't sold or damaged I can recycle the work by returning the parts. Here are the installation views from opening night, 10th December 2009.
Thanks to the team at ESP Gallery for your hard work and especially Mark Wotherspoon (shown above), see you in 2010.