It's duo exhibition time folks and La Bastellerie is pleased to present Slipstream, a site-specific installation of sculptures and drawings by Kyla Ring and Cara MacLeod. In Slipstream, the artists explore the common elements of water and air, as well as movement, suspense and release from different personal, social and environmental perspectives.

Kyla Ring is concerned with people's daily use of resources and the inconsistencies apparent in our sometimes uncanny habits and attitudes. She releases objects from their everyday function and recontextualises them in insightful and humorous sculptural installations which often call for playful audience interaction.

Cara MacLeod is showing works from a recent cycle of drawings and collages in which she explores the relationship between the figure and the elements and structures that surround us. Cara superimposes and combines found images of people, landscapes and geometric forms of modernist architecture. The effect is a tension between motion and stasis as figures and forms are simultaneously suspended in space and grounded on the picture plane.

La Bastellerie is brought to you by Ina and Cati the funky ladies who do wild craft parties in Berlin, perhaps you've been before otherwise next time in their new workshop space ( which we have been kindly welcomed to show off our art) they will be opening in october stay tuned to their myspace for more info.

Open one night only!
Saturday 29th August 4-10pm

WHERE: La Bastellerie, Lausitzer Stra├če 16 Kreuzberg
It’s an unmarked new shop space opening soon in October for craft party madness and workshops.