Sushi mountain towards a great divide.

sushi mountain
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A collaborative work by Kyla Ring and Cara MacLeod 2008. 'Sushi mountain towards a great divide' was created in residency at the Atelier en commun in Paris. At this point Cara had been working on a drawing series based on the book Les Alps and I was playing with drawing in the third dimension creating portals and voids using plastic palette tape.

This work for me emerged from my experiences in a fully open plan 3 level studio space made for 100 artists to use at any given time, you share tables and chairs when you were not on a set residency program.

My interest in the concept of the great divide of personal and shared space - the lack of walls around peoples studio spaces had a huge impact. My attention came back to peoples behaviours and the divides they put around themselves or which formed due to natural differences likes and dislikes.

Whilst co-running the Frohsinnberg Projekt ARI in 2008, it gave way for the perfect site specific installation with awful feng shui - columms breaking up rooms and beams jutting out .... a perfect space for a work about divides. I created a work called Fortune Mountain, 2m felted sculpture crossed between fortune cooky and mountain (must upload a photo).