As i get ever nearer to the release of my latest pockettree website, i have been writing and editing the text. I came up with FAST FASHION. I don't like fast food and i don't like fast fashion, or do i? Today clothing is produced so fast that in stores like ahhemH & Mmmm seasons don't really exist!

No they dont; have one winter they have 4! Apparently getting new stock every day! Wow that is fast. The baby boomers hold onto possessions until they are threadbare.... how long is that it depends maybe 20 or 40 years. Today you wear jeans and you have to darn their crotches or throw them away after 1-2 yrs.

The idea of FAST FASHION makes me wonder about how to classify secondhand or vintage clothing .... clothing isn't made to reach the lovely age of vintage. So what do you call clothes in op-shops, thrift stores etc most of it isn't vintage, maybe it needs to be seen like wine vintages indicating the year or the place it was made? 

If you go with this as a classification system then I've definitely seen a-lot of 2008-09 vintage clothing on the secondhand market or abandoned in boxes on the streets and it's only May. 

On that note I'll focus back to yesterdays highlight at the Mauer park markets a mighty fine 80's black velour jumpsuit with pale faded out blue, pink, purple aqua wedges of colour on the top half, ye-ouch!