Coal delivery

We did it! Better late than never, after biking weekly or twice weekly since November with 12-20kgs of coal bricks each we decide to invest in 1 Tonne.....hmm these shots are taken before I switched the setting to 'snow' . 

I was waiting for the perfect kohl delivery man shot, but my hands froze and so I enjoyed watching the two guys, a very special breed, who hawled the coal they had a trolley which carried 6 bundles so that's 150kgs and these nifty metal handles that picked up the bundles one on either side under the packing tape. Huh he's carrying 50 kg and we struggle to carry 12.5 up and down from the cellar. When two bundles broke apart on the street we thought here we go we are having the movie moment we discussed b4 classic film we saw from the 70's directed by Heiner Carow 'Die Legende von Paul und Paula' (1973) The Legend of Paul and Paula, where there is a scene of the coal delivery truck dumping the tonne on the street and Paula carries it 2 buckets at time down into the cellar, oh boy glad it was just two bundles we had to collect. The day had a great atmosphere luckily, and I was glad that several locals where also on the streets taking photos of the impressive and magical cover of snow from the night before. When the wind blew the trees dropped snow and it was crazy whirl wind snow....tried to photo it but was to odd to say I ended up running from it.