electro falling girl shadow drawing

'falling shadow electro ladies' by Kyla Ring and Cara MacLeod

I have been admiring the rate shadows move as the sun sets, naturally this seems faster in winter as one tries to hold onto the short daylight... I could do a series of performances or animations based on the rate of picnic rug shunting as the shadows lengthen and move faster when the sun if further away. This drawing is based on shadows refracted from smashed perspex, above is the combination of my drawing, mixed media and thanks to Cara's cut out figure + figure relief from a series that she has been working on based on falling. I did this work using the cut out figure cara has been working with, for a Glasgow based zine called Lock up your daughters for an article on the aussie electro scene so here's what I came up with for the issue.
...... sadly they used a really nasty cockrock Dame Edna piece, erm who why what!
Isn't it great how we chase the sun all year round, so there can be more of these drawing sessions.