Frohsinnbergprojekt 1 exhibition Freitag 10 Oktober

Our first group show at the frohsinnbergprojekt in Berlin, rocked on till 2.30am and the masses loved what we all had to show.

I am pleased to be showing my work Mental Note: Defrag, my largest drawing endeavour is complete after 4 weeks of lead pencil and meditative drawing.

Above: Kyla Ring, Mental Note: Defrag, 2008.
Pencil on paper, 2000 x 1480mm

Above: Mental Note: Defrag, rolled up in progress with it's previous title
Mental Defragmentation
, a quarter of the way through.

Above: What my drawing looks like rolled up.

I started this drawing working against the wall, when I realised it had a slight texture I moved to a make-shift angled desk, where it looked like a huge scroll (see below), then it got difficult to match different areas whilst 2/3 of the work was rolledup so I found the only window large enough in the kitchen and I ended up completing it on the kitchen floor ....oh the mysteries of art making!