frohsinnbergprojekt group show, Nov 26 2008

Ja toll guys, another show! Yes seriously another great opportunity for us to use our space with all the frohsinnberger's (frohsinnbergprojekt studio residents) myself, Cara, On, Alana, Simon and Jeff. This is the final show before we leave the fantastic frohsinnbergprojekt space in P'berg (Prenzlauer berg, Pramslauer berg...) due to money hungry landlords and ridiculous lease conditions. Cara and I look forward to continuing on together and with other collaborators in a new space or pre-existing studios and galleries here in Berlin or elsewhere, ain't no mountain high enough, to lend the lyrics of a cringeful song sung by a terrible Aussie singer.

Here is my breakthrough textile sculpture which I began in Montreal August 2007 and I am glad that it can rise up into a final state for a show here in Berlin.

Above: Kyla Ring, and then the ground fell away, 2008.
Reclaimed felt/ zippers/ tshirts and pins.