pockettree wearables are back

I have turned my naughty second hand nahmaschine (sewing machine) purchase into a kinetic light sculpture, well it's prognosis is much better as a sculpture than as a machine that sews, it worked perfectly when i tested it and luckily bargined a third of the price off but i guess a screw wobbled out as On yau and I walked it home for six blocks.

But yesterday we invested in a new nahmaschine which came with a fabulous demo all in German, I said a lot of Ja's and looked puzzled several times...mainly because I couldn't believe how simple and cost effective it is...i mean the old machines have 3-4 dials to change tension, length, type of stitch etc..now only one dial, no extra handles or doors that open for light bulbs to be fitted it's easy 1 plastic mold.

I love the old machines and treasure the one I have in about 200 parts in my studio, some have turned into inspiration for drawings and other the kinetic sculpture I mentioned before, better than be tossed aside...the shop didn't even want the machine for free, not even the power cord, I have never liked the concept of throw-away-consumerism.

Sooooooooo ... pockettree wearables are back, I whipped together a recycled tee design which has been in my head for a few months, awaiting the machine to bring it together. If you are interested in placing an order for a one-off recycled pocketree designed classic tee let me know.

Roman Tee, by Pockettree.com