A new day

A blissful feeling comes over me as I listen to Jonathan Monk's artist talk at the Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Visual Art, I have been an artist for ever and it's a new day.

..............I love change and so I have been mixing change and holidays together and amazing a new day brings less clutter, detachment and creative expression. Did I say less clutter, no I say the wrong thing less consumer clutter, life can be lived creatively and minimally I dread the thought of opening the door to the storage room back in Sydney perhaps it could as Monk mentioned be erased by a rash action of a loved one and I would never have to look through and spend time thinking about that stuff again.

If stuff is just stuff it can be thrown away, what's really necessary what's precious what is all this stuff anyway!Consumerism has always made me itch irrationally, imagine if the act of consuming brought on Tourette's syndrome than it wouldn't be so great, I guess denial is easier than recurrent involuntary movements, but isn't that what going shopping is? I mean really who likes shopping it takes time money and energy, let's reinvest.

Trial blogging, TICK.